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General Statement of Equivalency

Describes foreign academic work completed in US educational terms.

Detailed Evaluation of Coursework

Includes General Statement of Equivalency and a detailed course-by-course listing which can be used by the Universities for award of transfer credit.

Educational Credentials


Not all educational systems in the world are the same. U.S. educational institutions and employers want to be sure that the individual coming to the U.S. has education comparable to that of a person educated in the U.S. Your extra-curricular activities (participation in music, sports, art, leadership activities) are not part of the academic evaluation and will not be considered.



Our evaluators are individuals who have done original research and who are professionals with specialized knowledge of educational systems around the world. They are qualified to review and evaluate credentials for placement of students at the appropriate educational level and to equate an individual’s educational qualifications for employment, professional licensure and teacher certification.



You must submit certified copies of marks statements (transcripts) issued by all educational institutions that you have attended. A transcript is usually a summary document that provides this information for the entire course of study that you have completed. If you have completed a degree, please include a certified copy of the degree certificate, which will help with the evaluation process.


changing or adding to your original evaluation.

Three Day – General Statement of Equivalency

Three Day Service (with completed required documents received):General Statement of Equivalency.

Three Day Detailed Evaluation

Evaluations are completed within Three days AFTER the receipt of all required documents, fees.

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