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General Information

  • Not all educational systems in the world are the same. U.S. educational institutions and employers want to be sure that the individual coming to the U.S. has education comparable to that of a person educated in the U.S.

  • Our evaluators are individuals who have done original research and who are professionals with specialized knowledge of educational systems around the world. They are qualified to review and evaluate credentials both for placement of students at the appropriate educational level and to equate an individual’s educational qualifications for employment, professional licensure and teacher certification.

  • A basic evaluation provides a statement of comparability between your foreign education and U.S. education. This statement enables the educational institution and/or employer to determine if you have met their minimum requirements. A course-by-course evaluation determines the comparability level of your education and identifies each course you have completed and its appropriate credit hour equivalency at a U.S. institution. Undergraduate admissions, as well as some professional certifying agencies, usually require a course-by-course evaluation.

  • No, your extra-curricular activities (participation in music, sports, art, leadership activities) are not part of the academic evaluation and will not be considered.

  • The decision to accept or not accept credits lies entirely with the college or university and is based on internal policies. If some of your credits are not accepted, you will need to request an explanation from the institution in question.

  • You must submit certified copies of marks statements (transcripts) issued by all educational institutions that you have attended. A transcript is usually a summary document that provides this information for the entire course of study that you have completed. If you have completed a degree, please include a certified copy of the degree certificate, which will help with the evaluation process.

    Do not submit original documents. We cannot return documents to you.

    If any document has information on the back (grading information, transcript legend, official stamps or seals), please include a copy of the back of the document.

  • If your application is complete – i.e. evaluation application form, payment and all relevant academic records :
    1. Rush   –  3 days,
    2. Basic  –  5 days

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